Hello to everyone! This is an alpha version of a browser game I'm developing. This is my first ever indie game.

The game is called LIGHTAMA (lights + dama), and is a simple turn-based browser game. There is a quick tutorial inside that will help players in understanding how to play.

Some tips:

  • I developed it during coffee-breaks and weekends, so it isn't a professional game/software product and I think will never be;
  • Server is hosted on my RaspBerry Pi 3 and the DNS record is registered on noip.com, I have only 1 MBPS in upload, so under heavy load it won't perform so well;
  • It's an alpha, this is the first time I'm showing and linking it anywhere so it may crash or act strangely anytime, I'm sorry in advance for that;
  • Technical: frontend is ReactJS, backend is NodeJS, I use basic HTTP calls + sockets to make it work. Mobile-friendly version is there, but it's very-very alphaish;

Thanks to anyone testing it!


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nice, great work :)

I like the GO feel of your game, and the fact that it is easy to play, hard to master, well done.

Didn't meant to post my message so many times sorry, what a weird bug lol

No problem, I deleted all the double posts ;)

Game is absolutely stunning. Just love everything about it, it's so simple yet so addictive. Anyway my friend is asking me to play another game of Lightama so I gotta go and show him who's the best! This is our 100th game or so so far lol... Keep the amazing work up!

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Thanks a lot, belgianwizard! I would be happy if you spend 5 minutes to write what you liked most of the game, and what you didn't like and would change.

By the way, stay tuned, I'm on my way on launching the game also on Android ;)